ABOUT US Synesso was born of the desire to bring the most temperature

ABOUT US Synesso was born of the desire to bring the most temperature stable commercial espresso machine to the market. This drive to innovate has never stopped. Owner and designer Mark Barnett’s ability to listen and and take action is a great strength, and this has become the backbone of the Synesso identity.  It is most evident in his designs and the many advances that Synesso continues to make. Our equipment literally gets better every day.  Mark and Co- Owner Sandy Schneiter have continued to wisely mete out growth and ensure that Synesso is both a company and a product that is respected throughout the world. Our team is made up of individuals with unique stories and strengths. Yet we all work  seamlessly  to build & distribute this exceptional espresso equipment that is proudly made in our small factory in Seattle, USA.  While we do not chase trends for their own sake, we listen acutely & respond to the needs of our customers.  Staying on the cutting edge of research and development, we work tirelessly to produce the most barista friendly, dependable, and responsive equipment on the market. Each machine is hand crafted to order by every member of the team. Originating with the customer request, a machine moves through sub-assembly, manufacturing, testing, and finishing with quality checks at each stage. Our goal is to continually  achieve  unsurpassed excellence.  A well made espresso machine is the foundation of any great coffee experience at your local cafe. We hope that our attention to detail and understanding will help you in your own pursuit of coffee perfection. OUR MISSION Be Ethical, Reliable, Passionate, and Caring. Synesso and its employees do the right thing. We each do our jobs to the best of our ability, and we keep our word. We are driven by the pursuit of excellence, and we sincerely care about each other, and our business community. …and we always find time to enjoy a little ping pong, and play with our dogs.




ABOUT, US ,Synesso ,was born ,of ,the, desire ,to ,bring ,the ,most, temperature